Well another week has come and gone.

This week was not too bad, in my opinion. Although on Saturday and Sunday I indulged a little too much. Cookies, meat, dairy, candy, etc. Everything bad that I could have consumed, I did. At least it is no longer every day of the week, right?

I had taken some pictures to track my progress and hopefully keep me on track. So here they are:

Some of you may say “what’s the big deal? She looks fine!”. While this probably is not my largest weight, it’s getting there. My goals are to tone my stomach, legs, and arms. Arms are not pictured here.

In terms of diet, I have made some terrific discoveries! The main being tofu! I’m not sure if I’ve already made a post about this, but I’m doing it now. I’ve struggled with finding tofu in the UK. The stores that surround my home are all express stores and none of them have tofu. But I have finally found one! It has both flavored tofu and plain tofu! And there are also vegan hot dogs…but I’m not too excited to try those just yet.

Also, marmite! Apparently it’s loaded with B12 vitamins which are pretty much a necessity for a vegan or plant based diet. I’m not a fan of eating it the way the British do (on toast…gross!). It’s got a very salty, harsh flavor. So too much of it is kind of gross. But I’ve been making roast potatoes with it as we as adding it to my veggies when I stir fry them rather than other sauces (such as soy sauce).

I’ve noticed recently that my hair loss is increasing. But I’m unsure of whether that has to do with my diet or with the medication I take for my arthritis. Either way, I thought it would be a good idea to increase my B12 intake. As well, I’ve been including spinach in my diet to keep my iron at decent levels. Hopefully I’ll see some positives from these additions.

In terms of exercise, I’ve started doing yoga in the mornings before I go to work. And today, Monday, I did a 20 minute cardio workout. So, I’m slowly getting back into it!

Sadly, I’m still forgetting to take pictures of my food. I really need to take a minute to breathe and take a picture before I put it into my face. I will try harder at this! See you next time! Hopefully with more pictures!

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