160 lbs

This week I have made it out to the gym! Only for about a half hour, but I am proud of that first step.

On a slightly sadder note, the scale at the gym told me that I weigh 160lbs. This was disappointing as I had reached my goal weight in September (145 lbs). So, looks like I have 15lbs to lose.

This week I have not been terribly great with my food choices. I find myself coming home and just gorging on a massive amount of food. I’ve been eating a lot of carbs (bread in particular). My justification is that it doesn’t have animal products, so it must be good, right?

The weekends are still a mess. The boy and I eat out (this week it was a chili dog. Always so much regret after that) and buy candy. So there’s where all of my calories are coming from. I need to try harder. On Friday I also went to a coworkers birthday at a restaurant and there was burger involved. Again, so much regret.

We only have three weeks until we go to Paris, which will probably involve a lot of cheese. No so much pastries as the boy has a peanut allergy so we stay away from pastries. But, three weeks of healthy eating and going to the gym. I can do this right? I likely will not lose 15lbs in that time. I don’t think that would be to healthy, but a bit of weight lose and a bit of tone.

Yesterday we bought a slow cooker. So there will be a lot of temptations of meat and other non plant based cooking. So the boy will have his meals taken care of, which means that I get all the tofu!  Huh, never thought I’d be excited for tofu…


And above is a picture I actually remembered to take! Whole wheat pasta, spinach, celery, and grape tomatoes for my lunch. Added a bit of marmite to get my B12 and a tad bit of vinegar so it wouldn’t be so thick with marmite. It was surprisingly delicious! But, there are the carbs again.

Alright, three weeks to get better! Let’s do this!

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