Vegan/Plant-based Shopping

I am probably irrationally excited about this, but I’ve finally found dairy free yogurt and cheese! Yay Alpro yogurts (ps. they also make chocolate pudding), vio life cheese, and pumpkin seed crackers! All from Waitrose (UK).


I’ve tried the yogurt before and it tastes just like regular yogurt. I have yet to try the cheese. Will report back when I find a use for it!

Yesterday the man and I made black-bean burritos (only we used kidney beans) in our newly purchased slow cooker. Meat free, dairy free, and absolutely delicious! I will take pictures and upload them tonight!

Another achievement this week: I have gone to the gym today, used the treadmill for about 30 minutes (20 running, 10 walking). After that I used the rowing machine for about 10 minutes. Feeling a little sore today, but will likely be feeling very sore tomorrow.

This weekend was a bit better than previous in terms of cheating on my diet. Only a few digressions. I also ran out of milk this weekend and used a tiny bit of my boyfriends cows milk. I must say, the taste was not good. After so long drinking soy and almond milk, I do not like the taste of cows milk.

Please check back later for recipes of my vegan kidney bean burritos as well as my progress on weight loss/fitness. Meanwhile, feel free to google vegan black bean burrito recipes for the slow cooker. Same recipe as we used, just with black beans! Enjoy!

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