Results of the Poo-scapade

At the moment, the doctor thinks I have threadworm. Very common in children, and very likely to spread if you’re working with children. She gave me a prescription and if I continue to have the problem, I need to come back to see her.

I think it’s strange. They only give you one dose of the medication. And if it’s ineffective and there are still symptoms in 2 weeks, then you take another dose. Just one. One small pill. And if then if there are STILL symptoms, come back and see the doctor. Weird. I would think it would be a course of medication. But clearly one pill works. Perhaps it stays in your system or is absorbed by your bloodstream or something. Either way, here’s hoping for some good poops!


What is in my poop?


So I’ve been noticing white specs in my stool. I have always presumed that this was just pieces of undigested food. I frequently see undigested skins of pepper/tomato (at least I hope that’s what it is, it’s red and it doesn’t look like blood). I also frequently see seeds from the breads I eat. The white specs come and go, but now I’m thinking it may be time to see a doctor. So, I’ve made an appointment to see one for today. And in typical Elena fashion, I have let my hypochondria take over.

Yep, I’ve googled everything about poop. Including pictures…yuck. All in an effort to ease my worries. The result? Well, just what you would expect…the word “Cancer” always pops up somewhere in that search result. It’s very likely not, but the paranoid me still thinks so. It’s also fascinating how our brains and bodies can manufacture symptoms that we were not previously experiencing. For instance, my only symptoms prior to my research were the specs in my stool, and an itchy bum hole (yep, you read that. I warned you). So, a reasonable person would say “oh yeah, it’s pinworm!”. A hypochondriac would say…oh yeah, that…but did you also notice the bloating? Tiredness is a symptom? Yes, that too, you’ve been tired. Nausea? Yep, add that to the check list! Look! You’re feeling it now. And then just to throw one in there for fun…have a constant need to poop! That will feed the cancer worries like there’s no tomorrow!

Goodness, I hate my brain sometimes.

There’s my worries for the day.

On a happier note…After falling off my diet plan yet again, I’ve had a perfect week! No animal products! Just clean eating! Particularly when going out!

I will fill you in on my doctor’s appointment later! I expect a stool sample will be necessary!