Cheat Day? More like Sick Day!

Yesterday I had a cheat day… Indulged in some sweets which contained eggs and milk… ones I usually could have an entire box of and only feel guilty. I had about half, splitting it with my fiance. It was delicious, yes.

The problem in the middle of the night… When I woke up feeling extremely gassy and horribly nauseated. I’ve only felt this terrible on days where we used to binge eat a LOT of junk. Now, having been good and on track with my diet for about 3 weeks, I suspect my body has developed a milk and/or egg intolerance..



Chickpea Salad Sandwich

It’s my new obsession! 100% vegan and plant based and 100% delicious!

I must say I was a little sceptical trying this recipe… Or at least any recipe with beans/chickpeas a sandwich. But it was amazing!

What you’ll need:

1 can of chickpeas

1 tablespoon of mustard

1 teaspoon of chia/flax seeds

1 tablespoon of Marmite (gotta get that B12).

Your favourite hummus

1 handfull of spinach

Several slices of cucumber

Two slices of your preferred bread

How to make the mush:

Drain your can of chickpeas and add to a bowl (I actually keep a bit of the chickpea juice to make it a bit more moist). Add in your mustard, Marmite, chia/flax seeds (I put in a dash of tumeric for its anti-inflammatory properties). Mix and mush until the substance is at the consistency you prefer!


You will get more than pictured above, I used some by this point.

Next, take your bread and apply hummus!


Top with spinach. I did half kale on mine because I ran out of spinach…


After this, add your mush!!


Top with cucumbers…


Finally, put the sandwich together, put it in your face, and enjoy!!!