7lbs Down!

It’s been a fairly good two past months! My diet and going plant based has actually been fairly successful. Every now and then I will have a cheat day, but for the most part, I’ve been able to remain vegan! Even when we went out to a colleagues birthday, I ordered a vegetable risotto! Pretty proud of myself for that. So, here are some pictures to compare:


Black sports bra is the after! I’ve been going to the gym fairly frequently and doing some ab exercises! As you can see, I’m a lot more toned, and have a better defined waist! On top of that, I feel great!

I do still have a parasite problem, but that’s not doing much in terms of weight loss, it’s more irritating.

Body wise, I’m definitely wedding ready! Only 7 more pounds to go! Maybe. I want to be 145lbs again, however, that may be too much. That was my lowest weight when I was an adult and I was at my healthiest. But again, I was 18-20 at that age. Maybe that’s not a realistic goal anymore. But progress is being made! I love my fitbit as it’s keeping me moving and on track food wise!

I also love eating healthy! The benefits are definitely awesome!